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Los Angeles

Plan 178
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130 S. Alvarado St, 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90057

(213) 484-8480 or (855) 484-8480
Important Phone Numbers
Kaiser Permanente
For HMO Benefit Questions and to
find a Kaiser Doctor or Hospital

(800) 464-4000
BCBS Illinois
For PPO benefit questions
(855) 483-4373

Find a PPO network doctor or hospital
(800) 810-2583
Kaiser Advice Nurse
(888) 576-6225
Medical Cost Management
PPO Mandatory Precertification
(800) 367-9938
(Formerly Catalyst Rx)

Find a network pharmacy
(866) 884-4176
Catamaran Home Delivery
(Formerly Catalyst Mail)

Mail Order Prescription Drug Service
(866) 814-7105
Dental Center
To make an appointment
(213) 484-9660
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